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Spaghetti with cuttlefish and tomato sauce/甲イカトマトソースのパスタ

材料・調味料 (2 人分)
Red chilli,chopped
Tomato paste
White wine
120 ml
Tomato passata
Sauté garlic in olive oil til golden,add onion and chili,sauté 15 mins low heat,add tomato paste,sauté til colour darkens,add parsley,add wine,reduce a little,then tomato passata ,bring to boil.
Cut cuttlefish 1cm x 5cm strips,in another pan,sauté til golden high heat,add to tomato mixture,deglaze the pan with some white wine,and add in too.add seasoning,slowly cook until cuttlefish tender,1.5-2 hrs.
When ready,add halved fresh cherry tomato,cook for a min,add cooked spaghetti,mix through,check seasoning,serve with more parsley and olive oil(like Jamie!)

Substitute tomato passata with 120ml tomato paste and 500 ml water,or canned crushed tomato.(Only approximation,please adjust.)

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500 posts now and I haven't repeated a dish here,apart from this one.It's one of my favorite pasta sauce,and I hope more people know about this,so much flavour coming out from the cuttlefish into the sauce,and it's just so unbelievably rich and delicious.Anyone needs the recipe,please let me know.
omedeto 500 :D
Hi, Rick!!
Congratulation on your anniversary post !!
I'm really glad to meet with this splendid dish. Guessing the taste of this sauce, is this including a shell of shrimp like bisque?Hopefully, I'd like to try this pasta with fresh one😍

Btw, リックさんって日本語読めるの👀⁉️前から気になってた😅
I'm sorry for misunderstanding😱
Firstly, I think the toppings are shrimps, but tomatoes...
The sauce is not like bisque but special one of your originality🙇
Rick :這看起來太美味了😋你有空的時候可以教我這個做法嗎?義大利麵是我的最愛😍尤其是番茄口味!謝謝你喔🎉
Congrats for your great 500th post😭🙌💕holy clap👏👏✨
I watched your daily meal for a year since i met you.You didn't cook the same dish all the time so far.It an estimable achievement!!
Surely your cooking will continue to be moving.i really love such your style! I'll look back again your all the great
great posts when I got spare time,It makes me happy than any gourmet books!
Wow...looks tasty..💕I love all of Tomato taste! Is it Marinara sauce? Of course i craving your recipe! please🙏✨
rick chan から miyako
Thank you so much,and resnap too,I am lucky to have supporter like you!
rick chan から Y氏の凡人
Thank you so much Mr.Y 氏and the resnaps too!I did have plan for my big 500th post,but I just got so busy,and have to leave it.This the busiest time for me around Christmas.
Anyway,I have been making this for a long time and is one of my favourite!I have added the recipe,please try it sometime,I am
sure this will go well with your fresh pasta.It only has cuttlefish in it,but sure you could add prawns too.
My Japanese reading is still very poor,have to depend on translator all the time!
rick chan から apple
這個也是我長期至愛的pasta sauce!長時間慢慢的煮,蕃茄醬裏盡是墨魚的濃郁味道,真的很吸引,Apple San 一定喜歡的!墨魚在沖繩買得到嗎,看翻譯是甲イカ,又或是台灣的目魚。
rick chan から ゆかり
Thanks so much,and I'm most happy getting your holy clap!😂
Yep,500th post,I wanted to do something special but just didn't have time...
That's right,I love trying new dishes,that's why I rarely repeat,apart from my very favourite.Thank you for the compliment and looking through my profile again,but
again,but please don't go too far I bet you,some of them were embarrassing,not like yours,your dishes has been perfect right from the start,and yes,I look constantly!
I have added the recipe,the tomato sauce is packed with cuttlefish flavour at the end of cooking,I just couldn't stop eating,I hope y
you could try too...
so tired,need to sleep now,will talk later...

Please show many dishes from now on.
To: rikk
Hi rick san☀Thank you so much for your recipe.it sounds good! I'll give it a try soon!(agreed! I'll do that like a Jamie😉✌)
Oh dear..seems you being hectic days,I'm anxious about you..I'll cheering you up! But please don't push yourself if possible😌🙏
To: iyoko39

オリーブオイルでにんにくをキツネ色になるまで炒め、玉ねぎと唐辛子を入れて15分程 弱火で炒める。


※ tbs=大さじ、トマトパサータはトマトピューレみないなのです。

いよこ🍻 から ゆかり
♡。゚.(*♡´◡` 人´◡` ♡*)゚♡ °・なんと

To: iyoko39
リックさんが紹介して下さるレシピは毎回 本当に美味しいので楽しみですね😊🎶
んでは♪ いよこさん楽しい週末を〜💕💕
apple から rick chan
rick 謝謝你🎉做法已經記下來了,下星期回台灣一週,等回來馬上試做!甲イカ沖繩買得到,這食譜一看就知道我會喜歡,而且我非常愛烏賊😍
rick chan から 黄な粉
Thank you so very much,Kinacox San,I made this far because of your support,and as long as you wish to see,I will continue to make many dishes!
rick chan から いよこ🍻
Have to thank you for your support always too,I really enjoy cooking and talking to everybody here,and I have learnt a lot here and improved so much!I am always interested to see Iyoko San's dishes too,please continue and make more.I see Yukari San has translate the recipe for me,she is just so amaz
amazingly kind,I hope you try this one soon!Thank you for resnap too!
rick chan から ゆかり
Well,it's official:Yukari San is the kindest person I have ever known!I mean you translate the whole thing for me,just when you finally got a day off and have sometime to rest,at the busiest time of the year,I just can't believe it and once again I'm speechless!Anyway,big big thank you,and you kindn
kindness is very much appreciated by me and everyone here!I'll talk to you tomorrow!
rick chan から apple
回日本後才做這個吧,超級大好人Yukari San 已給大家翻譯了日本語👆!
To: rikk
Anytime♪ it's my pleasure!
Just I thought you don't need to bother if i leave a comment in translated,even if you are asked method by Japanese😊
Also I want to see other's spaghetti made with your recipe😋haha♪
See ya🎶
Rick, I'm really sorry that I
didn't notice your 500 posts:(
Your all dishes are so great!
Please don't think I flatter!
My word comes from the bottom of my heart!
I'm looking forward to seeing your snaps!
apple から rick chan
Rick 謝謝你!也祝福你聖誕快樂!新年心想事成🎉
rick chan から ゆかり
I don't feel too comfortable creating trouble for you,but hey,you really saved me,thanks again!
rick chan から ともきーた (伊藤 智子)
Oh don't be silly!I only mentioned because I haven't repeated a dish all these time,otherwise I wasn't intend to let people notice this...I had thought to do a celebrating dish,but just didn't have time for if because Christmas time is always busy for me,even simple cooking is difficult...Anyway,I a
always felt your sincerity and that you genuinely care about what I do,I really appreciate that!Thank you so much Tomoko San!
i'm stay in Osaka now.
it's big city Let's getting tomato pasta😆😆😆
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