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Chilled beet and pear soup,smoked mackerel,dill creme fraiche/冷たいビーツと洋梨スープ、スモークサバ、ディルクレームフレッシュ

材料・調味料 (4 人分)
Roasted beet (chopped)
Pear (chopped)
Small red onion (chopped)
Garlic (chopped)
1 clove
Sherry vinegar
around 3tbs
Lemon juice
around 1tbs
Olive oil
Salt and pepper
Add water to make this in the right consistency(moderate).
Blend all these smooth
Dill creme fraiche(French cream)-chopped dill+creme fraiche +seasoning,if you don't want to make this,just add little mayo in the soup and blend.
Soup is best chilled very cold,also served with chopped cucumber,pear and beet.

*Smoke mackerel could be replaced by any smoked fish,like salmon.
*Dill could be replaced by other herbs too,chives, basil ,marjarom ,mint…
*Important to taste again when chilled
*Roasted beet-wrap beet in tin foil,roast in 190°C oven for about 1 hr,cooled and peeled.

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Chairman of the club is suffering from anemia,I'm just trying my best to help!Hope you like this Miss Bronzebee,I really do,one of those salty,sweet and sour combination.If not ,no pressure,I'll do another one for you!Also this is my own creation,I don't have the measurements,just approximate,please
adjust for you liking.
Also another important member from the club needs music recommendations,hope you like this one,my ultimate summer jazz,but you probably know,right,Ms,Yukari?
And at the back,toast with scrambled egg,marinated oysters,mint.
It is a dish beautiful red.(๑ت๑)♡
It is the genius of the dish‼

You're is like jazz.I also look for the CD.Search×Search〜〜〜♪

The club called What's this?Work?
rick chan から 黄な粉
Thank you,and resnap too!Food and music are both important part of my life,I listen to a lot of jazz,but can't say I'm an expert!Just sharing some ideas here!Sorry should have said,the club is SD's curry club(華麗部),I love curry and recently been recruited.Ms Bronzebee is anemic(not enough red blood c
rick chan から 黄な粉
cell) and need beet recipe,I am just trying to help !
rikk 素敵〜🌹´◡`
This looks like excellent art in many levels!
rick chan から いよこ🍻
Thank you so much,very happy to hear this,it's very easy to make and delicious too,you could enjoy this too!
rick chan から いよこ🍻
Thank you resnap too!
Thank you and resnap too,that's very nice compliment,actually not difficult to make ,I enjoyed this very much!
rick chan から David McGuire
Thank you for saying that,very much appreciated!
Did so, I understand well. I also pray that her anemia is better to eat this dish.

I did not know beets are a good to anemia. I now learned a lot.Thank you.
Looks so great!!'
I've never seen beets in Japan!!
I miss beets!!
(ᵒ̤̑ ₀̑ ᵒ̤̑)wow!*✰ Marvelous! !
It's perfect!
Wow! Soup&sound,both were big hit to me! I can't convey to you that well enough,how much i impressed!
Beautiful!!!Just soup,But you always turn out great dish.
well...what kind of magic did you use?? And your recommendation is awesome✨thanks😉👍
Yes,i have😊In fact,I played alt sax while middle/high-school.(I was super poor at play..😗) So I respect & loving all of sax players.sure,Stan Getz too!!
I guess,this album has jazzy bossa taste,right?it's so much suit on summer✨✨I've been forgot about this album.but I'll listen to this right now!You
You gave me nice tips for joying with summer!!
And She'll get better by your hospitality.i big hope😊🙏
You could carry out big job for our lovely chairman👍👍
Rikk san 👾🎶
I really appreciate your kindness. 😊🌟
Also thank you for giving me a useful recipe. It so fabulous, gorgeous and amazing!!
I'm so happy! I have a lot of things to tell you, but I'm not sure how to say it in english.
sorry.. i'm not good at english.
I'll try make this chilled beet soup❤
rick chan から 黄な粉
You are welcome!I only find out when Ms Bronzebee told me,this is the least I could do,I wish her good health too!
rick chan から VinoVino
Thank you so much!
rick chan から レイ
Thank you,and resnap too!I heard this is not widely available in Tokyo,but still can be found in some gourmet supermarkets ,so it's not impossible.But this seems a bit strange,it should be very easy to grow.… Anyway hope you locate this delicious and nutritious veggie soon!
rick chan から Povii Po
Oh forgive me,it's in the blood,as in most great artists'!😁
rick chan から おりぃ
Thank you so much,always great to hear from you!
rick chan から おりぃ
Thanks for resnap too!
rick chan から zc
rick chan から zc
Hey Rikk. I've been away from snapdish for over a month and a bit, only to come back and be more amazed by your food. Simply stunning.
rick chan から ゆかり
I am over the moon right now .
Such great compliments but I am just doing nothing special ,though I love making food pretty,I would never want to waste food because of it.I did think about it a little before,but when it comes to making it,it's just rolling up the fish,and rest is also easy.
That's a
pleasant surprise,you play saxophone!I have even more respect for you now,really multi talented,aren't you?No problem,you have this one,I will do another,love bossa nova so much,gets me through summer!
Yes,lets big hope that Ms Bronzebee good and healthy!
I am so sorry for replying this late,kind of
busy lately...will head over to your post real soon!
rick chan から ゆかり
Thank you for resnap too!
rick chan から apple
rick chan から apple
rick chan から bronzebee
Thank you so much,I hope you like this,also wish you good health!
Your English is excellent,I totally understand what are trying to say,and I appreciate a lot!Really no big deal,and it's the least I could do here,you have been generous sharing food ideas too,I feel it's my duty to do something in re
return.And after all,I am the one who get to drink the soup!😊Btw,you could substitute pear with apple too,you could not really taste the pear in the soup,it's mainly for adding sweetness.So feel to ask me if you need to!Also thanks for resnap!
rick chan から Anunnaki
Thank you so much,I've been having fun!!And big welcome back,though I love to have you here,I hope it's not troubling you too much,just wouldn't be right,and I know you are probably busy,you've been moving places,right?Anyway ,I really appreciate the support!
zc から rick chan
To: rikk
I'm writing this comment while listening this album.feel so summer breeze! Thanks again🎶
anyway,please don't say sorry about reply.it's OK with me,i know you are busy person. Please treat your
private life as important.
That's my hope😊
Wow! Soooooo beautiful!!! You are genius!!!!!
I can't not say anything more.....
Anunnaki から rick chan
Haha love to post the food I make here but I really am not worthy haha. Everyone is so talented here, I'm too embarrassed to put up my lame pix here haha. Yes I actually live in Sydney. Last 10 months in Taiwan was the longest holiday i've ever taken 😀
rick chan から mikachi
Thank you ,that's too kind,believe me please,it's not that difficult,sure you can roll a piece of fish!Anyway,really appreciate,always happy hearing your compliment!
rick chan から Anunnaki
Not lame at all,I think both your home and restaurant dishes are interesting,I have really been looking,every now and then I learn something new from them!But no pleasure,please do what you like!
I see now,you actually live in Sydney,and ten months holiday sounds perfect for me,I'm jealous!Well I ho
hope you are happy back at Sydney,have a nice weekend!
Haha,sure it is,I'm glad you like this,thanks for resnap too,appreciate this!
rick chan から mikachi
Thank you for resnap too!
This soup looks so pretty(*^^*) My son likes beet root as well. He likes the taste and also enjoys to see the surprise in the toilet next morning(≧∇≦)
rick chan から kai's mummy
Haha,I admire your courage to bring this up!It actually shock the hell out of me the first time,and from then on,never felt comfortable watching it.But I don't care,it's delicious and good for the system too,with all the fiber! Thank you got the compliment!
rick chan から zc
rick chan から Anunnaki
Sorry misspelled "pressure"😰
rick chan から akiko
Thank you so much,and resnap too!Your comment makes me happy!

ヾ(o´▽`)ノ" ゚+。:.゚オォ→→゚.:。+゚
rick chan から ゆず( ˘ ³˘)♥
Thank you so much for resnap,very kind of you!
You ! what are you doing ? why didn't you give me a call so I could fry over and have this great dish ...
I hope you had this dinner with your loved ones , this is not for one person to share ! you have to share this lovely dish with someone special
♡ It looks so lovely and beautiful I admire how
It looks so fantastic! I love this! 👍😍😋
rick chan から Turbee
Oh don't worry about me,I am in a very happy place,eat alone or cook for friends,nothing bothers me.This looks complicated,but actually not,it's just rolling up the fish,and putting herbs around it,you could do this!It gives me great pleasure even if it's not serving anyone,and besides,it's for uplo
rick chan から Turbee
uploading here,and I'm sure everybody would like to see something beautiful (I hope).And what's more,I see this as good practice for future occasion!I also start to believe I could taste food better when no one's talking too.
Thank you so much for your concern,you really have a good heart,you know i
rick chan から Turbee
it's always my pleasure to have you as my guest!
rick chan から Pat Zaa
Thank you so much for your support always,I really appreciate!And all the resnaps too!
Beautiful Rosse!
rick chan から 温晓深
rick chan から 温晓深
rick chan から りんご娘
Thank you,and all the resnaps!They are smoked saba,just playing around...!
rick chan から airyⓂ︎
No red wine,just blend roasted beetroot and fresh pear together,and chilled.
airyⓂ︎ から rick chan
Oh, i'd never cooked like that!
I have to study about cooking more.
rick chan から airyⓂ︎
It's really just rolling up the fish,how hard could that be?Please try and you will know😉!
airyⓂ︎ から rick chan
But actually, I wanna know the soup taste! So I have to read ur recipe carefully.
rick chan から airyⓂ︎
Thank you for looking at it,let me know if you don't understand.
that is truly great presentation
Present I am a color charmed most. It is beautiful and charming!
What is the red one?
rick chan から nichole perez
Thank you for the compliment, appreciate it!
rick chan から nori.co.jp
Thank you for the compliment,I am happy!
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