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-The ultimate Chinese comfort food
-Delicious but extremely sinful
-Medium difficulty
-many procedures
-takes long to prepare
-not expensive dish to eat out
-梅菜 is a sweet preserved vegetable
-扣肉 is steaming pork in a bowl and then turned over on a plate and served.
wow :D
so delicious!!(*≧∀≦*)
rick chan から miyako
Thanks,glad you like this,thank you for resnap!
rick chan から 麻紀子
Thank you!梅菜(sometimes called 梅干菜 too)is very old food,but may be not as well known as other preserved vegetables.It has more leaves than ザーサイ,I would say it's more similar to 高菜,but much sweeter.The sauce is made up with two Chinese types of miso,soy sauce and a wine from from rose called 玫瑰露.And y
you are right,whenever I get this dish,I always eat more rice!
rick chan から go
Thank you,and the resnap too!This is a popular dish in HK,many people like this!
Do u have recipe of this? I want to try to cook this. Thanks! ☺️
Moreover,this dishes shot through my heart again💘💘
I can't stand it,wanna to eat this right now!!!!😋💕
Although I'm a big fan of your any dishes,this is the best occurrence to me! I've never seen it before,so I'd many question to you.but I understood somehow from you mentioned for Makiko san.i most i
interested in 梅菜,it seems close to pickles,right?
I wonder what it taste...also it's rare to me that used rose wine in it.
I heard rose wine use for Chinese sausages too.Y'all use it as seasoning than straight drink?
And this pork belly seems so soft.did you steam for a long time? Maybe,梅菜 is impo
important key in this dishes. I'll buy it when I'm in HK! Note📒✏ lastly,👆Your explanation is very easy to understand! Thanks master!😊
rick chan から ゆかり
Well I hope you won't get tired of my Chinese dishes,I'm not good at it,but it more simple for me to make,at least the shopping is easier!
梅菜is a kind of pickle,but til now I still not sure what kind of veg,there are many saying...it's characteristically sweet,better with pork dishes.I'll tell you b
briefly how it's made,when you have all ingredients,I'll let you know in details.Whole piece of pork is blanched in water for 40mins,brush soy sauce on skin and marinade,then deep fried skin part(the skin is so delicious with this)!,then cut up in slices.make sauce with 磨豉醬,南乳,soy,玫瑰露etc,add in the
pork and cook briefly.stir fry chopped 梅菜.line a bowl with the pork slices,add the 梅菜and the sauce,steam ar. 3hr til soft(I steam it in a pressure cooker for 1 hr),then turn over and serve.As you could imagine,there are lots of work,but so worth it I think.Yep,玫瑰露 is used in Chinese sausage,and it's
mainly for seasoning,I haven't seen anyone drinking it.And you are right,梅菜 makes this dish,but there is an alternative called 芋頭扣肉,all the same ingredients but replace梅菜with 芋頭(田いも),just arranged alternately in bowl,also delicious!
May be,if you need these soon,I could send over,or I could bring ov
over in June,big chance....
Thank you for all resnaps!
rick chan から iluvhelena
Please take a look at the above comments,it's quite laborious,and takes around 5 hrs from start to finish.But if you could get all the ingredients and still willing to commit,let me know a day before you make it,I'll write you the recipe in details.
Would love to cook this , Rikk! Pls. do tell me the ingredients in English. I lived here in Toronto, and there are lots of Chinese supermarkets here . Thanks for sharing! - iluvhelena :)
As long it's yummy, t doesn't matter to me the long hours, hehhehhhe! :)
rick chan から iluvhelena
玫瑰露=mei kuei lu chiew,a liqueur made from rose
南乳=紅腐乳=red beancurd
磨豉醬=ground bean paste,
梅菜 is translated into preserved cabbage or vegetable,but these could be many things too,better ask shopkeeper,it pronounce mui choi in Cantonese,or better show this to them.
Awww... Thank you! 😉
ゆかり から rick chan
Haha,no way!You know how much I love Chinese dishes, i never get sick of your Cantonese dishes even if i watch it everyday😋💕
And I glanced over the other 梅菜扣肉 in web.I felt your raw talent of Cantonese cooking again,Yours is the best looks i ever had!
I could grasp all the image from your kindly me
mention,thanks😊 I'd like to make this heartily,but i seems to be hard to find all the material in here..and I'd like to eat genuine one in HK before i make.i thinking foodie trip only for this😋Instead of that,I feel like to be able to make 芋頭扣肉 instead of 梅菜扣肉,i'll try it shortly!
W..What!? You shou
should be in Italy this June?? If you get adjustment of schedule between Italy, and if able to come to exhibition.please bring me 梅菜.🙏💕
rick chan から ゆかり
Thanks!That's so kind of you!Traditional restaurants usually serve it more rustic style,but having to post it here,it's always better to plate it more interestingly.I am glad you like it.May be ingredients are hard to find,you could do the 芋頭 instead,and replace the pastes with your miso and use 花雕
for 玫瑰露.It won't taste the same but still be very good.Although this is a complicated dish,but not difficult at all to turn this into a successful dish!Just let me know before you make,some more details I have to give you.
Of course I am going to bring you all the stuffs you need from here.At this p
point,I'm still deciding about June,but I have a big chance coming to Japan,and Italy has to be postpone til later.But may I ask,are you serious about going to the exhibition in Tokyo,and how long you are planning to stay there?
rick san
I'm max hungry now in the train to see your marvelous posts😆💕
So loving your posp in a blink of an eye everytime👍✨😊
sorry for my rushed mogmog n resnaps but
You are my longing all the time😊
ゆかり から rick chan
That's largely welcomed you show the authentic cantonese cuisine to us.we look forward to your next dishes too!
Oh,sorry! I mistook the 芋頭 and 里芋. I can get 芋頭,but I've seen it nowhere lately..the season ended perhaps...(?) maybe i've to wait a next season.If I could ready 芋頭,I'll ask you detail aga
Add,about my schedule of Tokyo,I'll mail you later😊
rick chan から romie
And you think I don't feel the same when I see your food?Your 天津飯 and semifreddo looks amazing,and I haven't seen a more stylish かき揚げそば,I need to control myself from jumping on the plane!Anyway don't feel bad about rushing,I appreciate everything you do,most important thing is keep showing us the de
delicious Ms Romei cuisine!
romie から rick chan
my great maestro,rick san
Thank you so much for your tenderness😭🙏🌸🌸🌸
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