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Finally reached the big number,1000.
For five years,SD has been my main activity outside work,and I have to say I truly enjoyed it!I thank everyone who has given me the support to keep me going,you know who you are!
I will celebrate this special post with a most humble dish.
In the food world,lucky to I am blessed with an extensive palate.I love the culinary adventures at starred restaurants occasionally,I appreciate hard to seek ingredients and how they are transformed into a pretty looking dish,it's magical for me.
These days,I am more at ease cooking and eating at home,and most of the time,working with very unassuming ingredients that I could get inexpensively at local markets.It's always the enjoyment level that counts,not the cost,and eating a piece of good tofu gives me as much satisfaction as wagyu,uni or fatty tuna etc...
I rarely spend excessively on anything and I would never scream about luxurious food,I only care for good cooking.
This dish I made is just a simple tofu and with spring onion sauce,the way I like it,pretty straightforward,I find myself keep coming back to things like this.I would also like to give a special mention to plate ceramicist #小嶋亜創 San.
Many things are happening to me in October,my work place is moving to a new location,and while in the process of this,I am off to a few cities in Europe for two weeks,also while I am still at home,I seriously need to clear up my fridge and pantry.
I'll be taking a break from SD,shall return in November!
終於你到第1000次的上载了! 恭喜恭喜!
你上載過的食物照片給我們很多很多感動了。 衷心感謝老天爺讓你碰到SD、參與SD、然後繼續到這裏。
喔,你要暫時停止上載的⋯ 但得知11月份重新開始上載的我就寬心了,那我就耐心等待那時候吧⋯(o˘◡˘o)
Grand applause to your 1000th post @SnapDish! Congratulations!

I'll miss you a little wihle, but please eojoy your off. See you in November again!
Great achievement!!

Hi rick san

Wow 1000th!
Special post congratulations.😊

That's nice yummy tofu and spring
onion sauce.

You going to Europe two weeks?!

Well taking a break from SD.
I hope you'll be back Nov.
We are waiting. 😊
Please enjoy. (^^)/
rick chan から まちまちこ
Rizmu San,thank you so much,you are one of the kindest person I have known,always giving encouragement and support,very much appreciated!
I love to cook and eat different cuisines,play around with ingredients and try to create something more interesting.Photo shooting and ceramics are also my passions,I am glad I found SD so I could share what I like with all you amazing cooks!
I am also a big fan of Rizmu San,when looking back at your posts long ago,I discovered many great dishes,you could absolutely make anything,sometimes even better than professionals,I truly admire your talent!I hope one day I could take a good look of what you did before,so I could get more inspirations!
October is going to be very busy time for me indeed,I better take a break from SD,but for sure I'll checking your posts!
Of course,I will come back stronger in November!
rick chan から izoom
Thank you Izoom San,I am too slow,took me five years to reach 1000!
No worries,I will be back in no time,just need a break to travel and other other things!
Please take care and make lots of beautiful dishes!
rick chan から 麻紀子
Massive thank you to Makiko,you are here supporting from the start,you have no idea how appreciate I am!
Coming to SD really is enjoyable for me,I am interested at cooking,ceramics,photo shooting,and chatting about food,so glad I could find one place to do it all!
It was my pleasure meeting you in person,although we live apart,I talk to you more than my friends in HK!
Hopefully we will meet again,soon in the future!
rick chan から 七海
Hi Nami,always thank you for your compliments,you are true friend of mine!
It's too simple for a special occasion,but this is really what I love and never get tired of!
You are right,I admire the Japanese way of thinking,I learn a lot from you people,trying to improve myself,I still have a long way to go!
When it comes to home cooking,Nami's dishes are the most inspiring for me,everytime I look at your dishes and I want to copy,I am so glad that we met here,even better we had a chance to meet in person,I look forward for our next gathering!
rick chan から Anunnaki
You are too kind,but it's far from it, how could I compete with someone who took years of training to becomes an architect...?😊
rick chan から うさかめ
Took me a long time to reach 1000😰,I am too slow!!
Very simple dish this time,but it's my favorite thing to eat,hope everyone like this too!
Very happy to meet Usakame here,big thank you for the support!No worries,I won't be gone for too long...Meanwhile please enjoy making all the bread,happy cooking!!
Hi Yumi San!
Took me a long time,But finally reached 1000.Thank you for all the support for a long time,really appreciate it!
No big dinner,just something I love and never get tired of,very affordable too!
That's right,I'll stop by London and Paris,hopefully get some cooking inspirations and come back and share with everyone!
I will return to SD soon,meanwhile please enjoy yourself with all those delicious looking dishes you make!
Anunnaki から rick chan
You're too humble 😀
rick chan から Anunnaki
おちゃわん から rick chan


大きな節目のお料理に『豆腐』 絶品の冷奴でしょうね😌 流石です✨
rick chan から おちゃわん
Thank you,very kind of you!
It's just something I truly love and never get tired of eating,it's better than many expensive food for me!
Thank you for supporting me always,I will be back soon!Happy cooking!
Good job my friend!!
splendid work of art and taste 😊 been following ever since...enjoyed every visit to ur page~
rick chan から YuIchi Kima
Thanks for the support always!
rick chan から Indulge
Thanks for the compliment,very kind of you!Your support means a lot to me!
Your dishes and photos are good enough for magazines,I thoroughly enjoy them too!
Congratulations on your 1,000th posting ❤️‼︎

I love Your dishes☺️
Your dishes… placing importance on the basic taste of food itself with flavor added, and the delicate artful arrangement of food on dishes,
I have delusions…🌸

Thank you for a great dishes🌸
rick chan から angiee♡
Oh thank you so much,you are so kind,Angiee San!
I thought I should celebrate with the most basic kind of food,the ones that make us happy all the time,I am so glad you agree!
Haha,you have delusions!What a wonderful way saying it,thanks!
Always appreciate you support,could not make it this far without it.I love your photos too,you have good taste of food,what you make and where you go,I learned a lot from you.
See you soon again!
rick chan saN.





これからもrick chan saNの投稿を
rick chan から Imanaka Yukiko
Thank you Yukiko San,I am very touched by your kindness,the long time support you gave me is much appreciated!
I also enjoy looking at Yukiko San cooking,Japanese and Indonesian are all inspiring for me,you are such an amazing cook!
I have to take a short break,I will return in November,see you soon!
miffy・x・ から rick chan

Dear rick 1000 contributions.
I seem to have dream that do not come out of forever.
Please show wonderful and butiful dishs from now on😊
(o'д')ノ☆゚*。Congratu★lations。*゚☆ヽ('д'o) Every dish from you looks just fabulous. I always adore you. You could cooks anything special but you'd chosen this 冷奴! You've understood Japanese mind more than me!
We'll miss you and be sure to come back in Nov, please(^-^)/
rick chan から miffy・x・
Thank you so much Miffy San!
So happy to have you visiting my profile,it's really something I love to do,cooking and doing some snaps to make a record,your encouragement means a lot to me,very kind of you indeed!
No need to say I love what you make,although you don't post very often,but what a fine job everytime!The cooking,table setting and photos are all excellent!I always want to try your ideas to!
I promise you I will!
rick chan から マダム とんちん
Dear マダムSan,thank you so much for your kindness,your support makes me want to do this forever!
I am taking a little break and soon I return to share more of my cooking,I'll be checking your beautiful bentos and cooking too!
rick chan から cocoa
Big thank you Cocoa San,you have been supporting me for a long time and it means a lot to me!
Haha,I do 'try' to cook everything but I want to celebrate with something delicious and affordable that I can eat everyday.Extravagant food is only good once for a while.So glad you agree with my philosophy,and honestly I learned that from all you amazing Japanese people!
I am back at your beloved country UK for a break,see you soon again in November,for sure!Meanwhile please enjoy cooking!
哈佬,Rick! 我現在香港,明天回日本去的! 我初次香港旅行玩得非常開心哦😆🎶 今天到你介紹給我的英皇拖鞋購買了送給英語老師用的拖鞋了!
rick chan から まちまちこ
まちまちこ から rick chan
Hi,Rick! 你差不多回到香港了嗎?
對,我們到香港的前一天香港來了特別猛烈的颱風,非常擔心能不能到香港,但是坐飛機之前颱風走了,沒問題了! 你親人和朋友也沒事吧?
我在香港吃的東西嗎? 這說不定讓你有點失望,因為我吃的地道廣東菜不很多⋯ 但是關於我碰到的食物有一些問題想問你,以後請教我吧!
rick chan から まちまちこ
現在還在整理積下來的瑣事,SD 暫時未能恢復,但Machiko 想知什麼的,可隨便問便可以,我很有興趣知你吃過什麼的(你說沒什麼特別,點心總沒有錯過吧⋯)
まちまちこ から rick chan
你好,Rick! 你安全回到香港太好了!
在這次香港旅行我感覺到香港很多食物對日本人來說很好接受的! 我已經把在香港吃的東西上載了,請你慢慢看吧。之後讓我再問你一些問題吧😊
おこんばんは〜٩( ᐛ )و✨
rick chan から ONI*MAMA*
Good afternoon Onimama San!
You are always welcome,and thank you so much for your concern,very kind of you!
I was traveling most of the time in October,and also because of some new work arrangements,I have to take a break from SD,but I will return very soon,I love what I do here!
Your bento making is the best,makes me happy looking at them!
See you soon!


Hi はやちんさん!
No worries,I am just happy you left me very kind comment,I finally reached 1000th post,I am too slow...But I thank everyone who has given me the support!
So glad you like what I do,I enjoy looking at はやちんさん's cooking too,your cakes and bread are amazing!
Please write with Japanese if you wish,I could read a little,but not very good at writing,I apologize too!
はやちん から rick chan



Hi はやちんさん!Thank you for following ,let me follow back,I look forward seeing more from you!
Seeing beautiful cakes and breads makes me very happy!
Let's talk again about food!
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