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rikk  Almost everything was made with what I had at home already,just needed to buy a fresh pineapple.They are in season and looking irresistible in the market!
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MakiHiro  ポテトピューレの紫蘇入り、珍しいですね。バジルに似ているから良さそうですね(^∇^)
seiaidenRCZ  私は今はベジタリアンですが、美味しそう❗️ お肉のおいしさは知っております。(^_−)−☆
yblueadidas103  Thank-u for following me.😊 pork shop 😃❤ I like it.🙋 yoroshiku onegai shi masu. Your dishes is so fantastic.
yblueadidas103  wrong (^^;;💦 pork chop.😅
rikk  Sorry for the late reply.I have lots of respect for vegetarian.I also love all vegetable dishes,and I eat them at least one day a week.But I can't give up meat yet.Thanks so much for visiting and the compliment!
rikk  Sorry for the late reply,and thank you for following,kind comments too!I got a nice pork chop from the nice pork shop!I also love your dishes!
yblueadidas103  Hi Rick I knew you were always busy. 😊 Don't say sorry to me. If you can reply anytimes it's okay. Sorry my english is broken. ha! 😞 Hope you understand. well I love your dishes too. I'm keep trying to cook my dishes. Thanks.
rikk  Sorry for late reply,Makiko San,I almost missed your comment...thank you,I think shiso is similar to basil,and I have seen basil added into potato purée too,also basil goes well with pineapple,that's why I used shiso here,those were leftover from the cold pasta dish,I was happy that I cleaned up the
rikk  fridge and made a delicious dish!
reachon  ポテトピューレ with 紫蘇😆 これなら私にも出来る〜❗️ こってりお肉の付け合わせにピッタリですね🎵 トップ画面の写真もカメラマン リックさんの作品ですか? 素敵すぎる〜
kinacox  Hi Rick😄🎶 You're made a meat dish delicious also. Cuisine to make your perfect all. Is wonderful.💕✨✨✨
yukaringg  Love pineapple&pork!That's correct combination I think!! And homemade pineapple chutney is sounds so tasty😋 👀✨!!!!New attempt to add Shiso in potato puree! Maybe, no one had ever thought of that wonderful idea so far! There is no doubt that it is very delicious😍 wow..I always receive new flash from
yukaringg  from your posts! Thanks Master😊🙏
rikk  Hi,りーちさん,many thanks for the comments!I had some shiso in the fridge,so I added it into potato purée,I thought it should work,because I have seen people use basil for it too.And yes,I love thick cut of pork chop,it's always more juicy!I am glad you like my top photo too,it's spring and summer coming
rikk  flowers put everyone in good mood!It was taken long ago at Kyoto,in one of the less crowded 寺.I spent too long there...😁 your photography is always good too!
rikk  You are welcome,mentor,and thanks so much!I made this mostly with the leftover and what I had already at home.I see people put basil in potato purée and I thought shiso works too.But I need to ask you,is shiso like basil,which should not be chopped to finely?Because flavour seems to be lost a little
rikk  I have already add them just before serving.I see beautiful pineapple in the market,I think it would be nice to make pineapple chutney,and I am old school,I love the flavour of piña colada,so I added shredded coconut to make this more interesting,I also use black vinegar and black sugar,so the whole
rikk  thing got a bit of tropical Japanese vibes,may be Okinawa...
yukaringg  I see! You used 黒糖,黒酢 in your chutney! I think so too,it's Okinawa taste n Sounds more tasty! You should prepare 泡盛 next time!(As for me, I never drink it😁) about Shiso,I think scent doesn't diminish if it finely chopped.But Shiso is weak at heat.maybe that scent changed with warm potate purée...??d
yukaringg  don't you think?Sorry my vaguely answer🙊💦
rikk  Thanks for the advice,I think you are absolutely right,shiso don't take heat well,I have already leave it very last to add in the purée,but the flavour still seems to got lost,may be it's better just sprinkled on top.Haha,it's certainly great with 泡盛,but I am weak at alcohol too,I can't drink it str
rikk  straight,may be tropical drinks that made with it!Cheers!
miyako8940  yummmmmy :D
rikk  Thank you so much,resnaps too!
miyako8940  Ur welcome :)
romie  Hi rick san!! sorry long time not see your room! woww nice work you did with only limited items!! pineapple n coco,that's my fav combination♪potato puree with shiso😊👍seems to my fav too!!!
rikk  Hi,Romie San!No worry,I am just glad you are visiting! Thank you,I had nice meal clearing up the fridge!Pork chop is good with most fruits,and what else is better than pineapple since summer arrives,and coconut makes this a little special too,I also love piña colada flavour,best to sit on a beach t
rikk  to enjoy!
seiaidenRCZ  コメント下さってありがとうございます‼︎ 私は今1から料理の勉強中です(^^) 陰陽五行を学んでいます。 料理を作る事は素晴らしいことだと思います。
rikk  Thank you for your nice comment too!I could see you are very interested in cooking,your dishes armed all stylish and healthy,please keep up the good work!
seiaidenRCZ  Thank you so much!
heidirippy  that looks so good.
rikk  Thanks so much,very kind of you!
heidirippy  your wlecome and thanks am very kind. to people
rikk  Got an brown crab,flesh was used to served with gazpacho,the roe was mixed with shallot,butter and brandy and served on toast.Gazpacho was made with yellow pepper and tomatoes,and red peppers and tomatoes separately,for more dramatic visual effect,I was hoping...
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kawachi1225  beautiful✨✨
machimachicco  哇❗ 你終於上載 Gazpacho了❗ 我一直盼望著呢~。😄 多麼漂亮✨ 比我想像精彩多了❗ 我真羨慕你的靈感和感覺呢~😆
seiaidenRCZ  食べたいっ‼︎
rikk  Thank you so much!
rikk  謝謝你!每年夏天也必定做西班牙凍湯的,也希望有點變化,今次想到用兩種顏色,視覺效果強烈一點,只是多一重功夫,並不太複雜的。當然也不是純個人的靈感,是參考過其他廚師作品的,還看過三種顏色的呢!
rikk  Thanks,makes me happy to hear!
machimachicco  Rick,我每天早上習慣欣賞 Michako san的新照片,可是今天就發現她的主頁上一個數據也沒有! 這是怎麼回事? 你也看看吧。
rikk  我也找不到啊!但不用太擔心的,可能是SD有故障,不然的話,Yukari 和 Romi 是認識她的,我會托他們打聽到一下!稍後回覆你!
machimachicco  我也聽說過SD偶爾有這樣的故障⋯ 但願只不過是故障而已。 謝謝你! Yukari san, Romie san肯定都很忙吧,我不著急地等待你的回覆吧。
yukaringg  Ciao🎶 Can I have comment on your beautiful bicolored gazpacho yet?? Time's up?? Reall!? Please let me say it🙇😁 .....Anyway....📢what a striking good looks soup✨ Your hope reached our mind perfectly! It's very impressive like a minimal art! Sometimes you suddenly make us surprise by your unique though
yukaringg  thought! I adore such your part! ball stuff is cucumber? So beautiful! I wanna eat like this special gazpacho,looks so tasty putting crab meat😋💘👾←⁇
rikk  Your comments are never overtime, my posts need to be graced by your words! The gazpacho recipe is my own,it has evolved through the years to suit my liking,only sometimes I vary it slightly to keep it interesting.But I am sure I have seen the two-colours idea somewhere,I just finally got the chance
rikk  to do it.I have even seen a tri-colour one!Crab meat also goes well in bright chilled soup like this,and well spotted,those are cucumber balls! So the crab roe toast didn't seem to interest you,may be you are allergic to it.But that is one piece of tasty bite,pure indulgence for me!The highlight of
yukaringg sory! I get captivated by lovely gazpacho, so i totally forgot to say a about bruschetta😢🙏Of course, I big love such dainty bits.i want to try similar bruschetta with Japanese crab roe on this winter! (we can't get fresh brown crab in here...😢) Add I've no allergies to crab😊 Add I love the s
yukaringg  Add I love the screen pics that you lying on the grass at Nara park👍✨ Thanks!
rikk  No need to be sorry and I am glad to know you are ok with crab then.We could get live brown crab here,but this one is cooked and frozen,it saved my time dealing with it and taste was still good.Brown crabs are known for having lots of delicious roe,I wonder which Japanese type could substitute. I ha
rikk  I have to thank you for taking the photo,credit had been added now,please check again!I love this photo so much!
yukaringg  Rick!😆😍👍💕you make me! I checked your photo just now! Sooooo good😻💘That has a very laid-back atmosphere added your playful mind.i really liked it!!! Sun☀sun☀ Thank you for credit too,May I add your name on my profile photo too?
rikk  Haha,thanks,just trying to have some fun with your great photo! I don't mind at all if you don't add credit on your photo,but if that's your wish,please go ahead by all means!😊
igu  I want to eat the beautiful&awesome soup.
rikk  Thank you,you are very kind!I make gazpacho every summer,just trying to make it more interesting with 2 colours this time!
igu  I'll try to challenge 2colors gazpacho.