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miyako8940  wow :)
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Anunnaki  Wow x 10
MakiHiro  美しい〜(*゚▽゚*) 抹茶をたてたんでしょうか?? 奥に見えるお茶の道具も写真に雰囲気出してますね♡ ハートの模様は何の色でしょうか?
glad  so beautiful!!
tomyhayato  what a beautiful cake !
SweetHouse  Wow.. This looks really pretty and yummy. I love green tea (Maccha) 🍵
marbure  beautifulε=ε=(ノ≧∇≦)ノ
honeybunnyb  Beautiful🍵
yukaringg  😳😳😳😳😳💘💘💘💘💘 I'll be right back!!
samp  Wow*\(^o^)/*
yukaringg  Wow..😍I gazed without winking for a beautiful✨✨ it's undeniable masterpiece! Like an fine art,I'd like to display with framed picture!! Love this splashing design too,you beyond Jackson pollock! I think it really astounding success! needless to say, i know taste is perfect as well as thei
yukaringg  their looks with your fave matcha. Btw,I want you to leave it as printed matter.Do you have plan to create photo book with gathered your sweets pics? (I've planning when save up more pics) Sometime I'd like you to printing too.. let's swap😊🎶
rikk  To: miyako8940 Thank you for resnap,glad you like this!
rikk  To: Anunnaki ,thanks so much,got carried away...glad you like this!
rikk  To: namastelotus Thank you,and resnap too,its confidence boosting with all these wows!
rikk  To: glad1969 thank you Gladpapa San,and resnaps too,very kind of you!
rikk  To: MakiHiro Thank you so much,Makiko San,and resnap too.I made this with matcha powder,one is made for baking,taste was good too.left some for the decoration on the top,I had fun with it!Utensil was bought after I had a good frothy matcha at Japan,thinking I could do it,but I failed and never tried
rikk  it again,now it's just a prop for my photo...
rikk  To: tomyhayato Thank you so much,makes me happy to hear!
rikk  To: SweetHouse Thanks Karen for the support always!I am a big fan of tea too,especially matcha,but it's hard to get good quality ones,I will try more things with it now I have found a good brand.
rikk  To: marbure thank you,appreciate this!
rikk  To: honeybunnyb Thank you for your compliment,Ami San,and the resnap too!
rikk  To: samp thx!
rikk  To: fourstar Thank you so much,appreciate this!
rikk  To: yukaringg Thank you Yukari San,always so nice...How can I compare to your favorite artist Mr. Jackson!?Honestly I wasn't going to post this,it wasn't what I was trying to do,I really doubted it,anyway I did't care and put this up,I am happy now the respond been good.But you remember you taught m
rikk  me about matcha,i love it but never had good result with the stuff I bought.I followed your advice and bought this matcha in Japan,which is good for baking(so the shopkeeper said),it tastes good,enough matcha flavor,and it wasn't expensive too.I will do more matcha dessert from now.Thanks for the of
rikk  offer,but my sweet posts are nothing like yours,I need more practice.Anyway,it's a great idea for you,I would kill to have one of yours though.Knowing how good an artist you are,I suppose you do all the layouts and graphics for book publishing,don't you?And these iphone quality photos good enough to
mmnm3  Looks delicious, love your pics!
rikk  Thank you so much,and resnaps too! I want to say this about all the pics too!
yukaringg  I see,No wonder your cakes turned out beautiful green,you used matcha which suitable for confections😊 I wonder what you were thinking design perfect cake no matter how many times i look at it! This splashing design would satisfy any aesthete! Thanks for this up,I love love matcha!
yukaringg  matcha! I'm look forward to see your next matcha desert too! OK,if i created photo book,I'll gift it to you♪ (I've been admired editorial design😊💕)
miyako8940  りっくさん リスナップ ありがとうございます:-)
rikk  Thanks again,I have some matcha left,so I'll definitely do another matcha dessert.also I'll do a variation of this one too,hopefully the design works!
celldivision  beautiful〜〜〜〜‼︎
okamiki4939  Good morning ♪ To Rick Always thank-you for a resnap. I'm extremely happy \(^-^)/ You're consummate skill ( ☆∀☆)
rikk  Thanks so much,happy you like this!
rikk  You are welcome,Miki San,your good always looks amazing!Please keep up the good work!Thank you for the support too!
okamiki4939  Thank-you very much (^-^) Try my best !!(^-^)v
Ory  きゃーーー!!!(◍•ᴗ•◍)♡♬
rikk  Thanks so much,and resnap too,I am glad you like this!
nana7office411  💋💋💋💋🎀😍
miharun0919  It seems to be very delicious!
rikk  Thanks you,glad you like this!
rikk  Thanks you,I enjoyed it very much!
rikk  Thanks for the resnaps too,appreciate it very much!
tomokeeta  Wow!! I love green tea sweets💗
rikk  Thank you so much,I had fun!Luckily I found good matcha powder for baking too,I tried too many that did not work!
mich8989mich  Beautiful! Recipe please?
RingoMusume1  This looks delicious! This can't be seen very much even in Japan.
rikk  I was't very confident with this at first,it means a lot to me hearing you say this,thank you so much!
RingoMusume1  The accent of the bamboo tea whisk is good!!
rikk  Haha,thanks!I bought it because I thought I could make frothy matcha,but it was a big failure😰,now it's only good for photo...😊
MangoPudding  My all time favorite!!!😋😋😋
rikk  Thanks,good matcha powder is hard to find,I was happy with this!